French Gold is affiliated with translators and researchers who may be able to help you with your work. Our team of historians and translators located both in France and in California, offers expertise in these fields:

  • TRANSLATION: we can translate texts, from letters to entire books, from French to English or from English to French.
  • RESEARCH: we can track documents and family information for you, both in France and in California.
  • FIELD WORK: We can interview remote descendents, visit ancestral places, or do research for business purposes.

When she is not researching or writing, Dr. Chalmers enjoys the opportunity to share what she has learned through speaking engagements mostly done with the PowerPoint format. The topics include: French Artists in early California, French Artists in Bohemian San Francisco, French San Francisco, the French Adventure in the California Gold Rush … among many possible topics. These can be presented in French or in English.

Please use our contact form if you’d like to make a request for Dr. Chalmers to present to your group, or for other professional inquiries.

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