fgdelongpreeastercard Description: Reproduction of a tinted postcard
Artist: Paul Maucherat de Longpré
Medium: Tinted postcard

Narrative: Paul Maucherat de Longpré was born in 1855 to a family that specialized in painting for the silk industry of Lyon. By age 12, the self-taught youngster was able to earn a living painting flowers on fans for a Parisian firm. The artist exhibited his first flower canvas at the Paris Salon when he was 21. In 1890, after losing most of his savings when his bank went bankrupt, the artist and his family sailed to New York with only a few hundred dollars in their pockets. There, de Longpré became the first artist in the United States to hold a solo exhibition of his work, and of flower paintings exclusively. The lure of California’s milder climate and year-round sunshine and blossoms, brought the de Longprés to Los Angeles in 1898. There Paul went on with renewed energy to paint watercolors and oils of flowers. In 1902, he built a palatial Moorish style mansion in a yet undeveloped area of Los Angeles called Hollywood, planting a three-acre rose-garden. De Longpré’s estate quickly became a tourist attraction: streetcars stopped at the corner of his property, 25,000 visitors came each year to admire his flowers and his paintings of flowers, which were also reproduced in numerous publications, calendars, and postcards such as this one.

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