The tens of thousands of French gold diggers who landed on the shores of San Francisco in the second half of the 19th century, experienced the grandest adventure of their lifetime. These rarely-told adventures deserve to be told.

Some stories/documents have been posted here for your enjoyment. Our historical articles and booklets, Dr. Chalmers’ French San Francisco book, and her doctoral dissertation L’Aventure Francaise a San Francisco Pendant la Ruee Vers L’Or,” can be purchased upon request OR through our eBay account, FrenchGoldAuctions.

A 6-page illustrated article Claudine Chalmers

The Heart of Bohemia: French Artists in California

6-page illustrated document Jules Tavernier

Jules Tavernier at Red Cloud's Agency 1874

The City of Paris Christmas Tree

The Story of the City of Paris Christmas Tree

Fourteen page illustrated article

The French and California: A Mutual Passion

2-page article Wine Food & Art Magazine

Claude Chana Finds Gold at Auburn Ravine

Reprint of 28-page illustrated article

French Women in the California Gold Rush

Article: Food, Wine & Art Magazine

Son of Sacagawea: Prince of the Wilderness

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